Friday, January 16, 2009

colombo law and crime

Law enforcement & Crime
The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka is located in Colombo

The Sri Lanka Police the main law enforcement agency of the island liaise with the municipal council, but is under the control of the Ministry of Defence of the central government.[29] Policing in Colombo and its suburbs falls within the Metropolitan Range headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (Metropolitan), this also includes the Colombo Crime Division.[30] As with most Sri Lankan cities, the magistrate court handles felony crimes, the district court handles civil cases.

As in other large cities around the world, Colombo experiences certain levels of street crime and bribery. In addition, in since the 1980s there have been a number of major terrorist attacks.[31][32] The LTTE has been linked to bombings and assassinations in the city.[33] Welikada Prison is situated in Colombo and it is the one of the largest maximum-security prisons in the country.[34]



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