Friday, December 12, 2008

amma bhagawan sharanam

What is the Vidya mala?

It is a 11 day ritual for excellence in studies and skills. Divine grace would help you break all your barriers on your path to success. When followed sincerely for 11 days, your brain patterns would be irrevocably set for brilliance in academics and you would also develop positivistic thinking. The vidyamala would culminate in the Darshan of the divine avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan where the Student would be blessed with intelligence, great potential and excellent results for their efforts in examinations and the various projects they undertake. According to Sri Amma Bhagavan your studies also could become worship.

Vidya mala - The scientific presentation

Vidya mala is the noble vision of the divine avatars Sri Amma and Bhagavan to galvanize the academic brain of
India into great action and achievement. The Vidya mala that is all set to bring about a revolution of heightened intelligence across the country is very scientific in its approach and methodology.

The Morphogenetic fields: These are fields in consciousness that connect any species within themselves powerfully. Through these fields it is possible to transmit any learning undergone by a specific populace to the entire species. With the vidya mala the oneness movement aims to affect a large section of the youth, setting their mind into the mode of learning and contribution. These youth in turn would affect all the students thus paving way for the intelligence of the nation to grow exponentially. Through the morphogenetic fields a large number of students following the ritual would tap the brain power of the entire nation.

Alpha waves: The brain beats correspond to four distinct wave patterns called the beta, alpha, theta and delta waves. In an ordinary human being the brain functions in beta almost all the time which is responsible for restlessness, low concentration and memory power. While in a genius it functions in alpha responsible for lesser thoughts and great creativity. The process of the mala and the rituals involved would ensure that the student would be in alpha wave conducive for learning, throughout the day.

A shift in the molecular structure: 70% of the human body is made of water. It has been determined scientifically that water molecules are very sensitive to spiritual and psychic energies. The molecules were observed distorting themselves horribly when subjected to hatred and anger and forming wondrous patterns to love and devotion. During the vidya mala, the student wears the special pendants of Sri Amma and Bhagavan charged with immense spiritual vibrations. These powerful vibrations alter the structure of the water molecules in the body leading to great love, joy and confidence.

Training the Brain: The brain is an instrument that can be trained in any way one wishes. During the eleven days of the ritual the student offers five hour of learning as an offering of love to the divine. While studying they are filled with the divine presence. This part of the ritual provides them with a breakthrough in any particular subject which might hitherto have been difficult. The brain is trained into loving that subject and learning it without struggle.

The unconscious: The human mind is divided into two layers called the conscious and the unconscious. The unconscious is the storehouse of all the compulsive and destructive behaviors. During the vidya mala darshans the unconscious mind of the student would be affected whereby they will become freed of the various forms of physical and psychological addictions like smoking, narcotics, lying, day dreaming, postponement, laziness and so on.

Relationship with the parents: According to Sri Amma Bhagavan the destructive life patterns that are lodged in the unconscious of the individual are silenced through the blessings of his/her parents. The process of the Vidya mala where the student would relate to Amma and Bhagavan as their divine parents would also influence and heal the relationship one has with one's parents.

Neuron tracks: Many youth are plagued by excessive negative thoughts from which they see no liberation. Our repetitive thought patterns are formed by the neuron tracks in the brain through which thought travels and the thoughts further strengthen the tracks thereby creating a catch – 22 situation. A third force namely the divine has to interfere to alter these neuron tracks. This magnificent phenomenon happens to the youth who follow every rule of the vidya mala with sincerity and receive the greatest blessing of the darshan of Amma and Bhagavan.

In the Darshan of Sri Amma Bhagavan, Grace overpowers fate. A blessing that is only available once a year vidya mala is a must for every student and every intellectual bent on learning and furthering himself or herself.



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